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Off-Shore Oil Revenues (Registration of Grants) Act

2016-12-20 1:37 PM | by Nigeria Compliancehub

This is an Act to make provisions for all instruments relating to any lease, licence, permit or right issued or granted to any person in connection with the petroleum industry in Nigeria to continue to be registrable in the States which are contiguous to the territorial waters and the continental… Read more

Oil in Navigable Waters Act

2016-12-20 1:43 PM | by Nigeria Compliancehub

This is an Act to implement the terms of the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution of the Sea by Oil 1954 to 1962 and to make provisions for such prevention in the navigable waters of Nigeria.
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Oil Pipelines Act

2016-12-20 1:46 PM | by Nigeria Compliancehub

This is an Act to make provision for licences to be granted for the establishment and maintenance of pipelines incidental and supplementary to oilfields and oil mining and for purposes ancillary to such pipelines. Read more

Oil Terminal Dues Act

2016-12-20 1:50 PM | by Nigeria Compliancehub

This is an Act to provide for the levying and payment of terminal dues on any ship evacuating oil at any terminal in any port in Nigeria; and in respect of any services provided at those ports, and for all other matters connected therewith.
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Petroleum Producers Pricing Regulatory Agency (Establishment) Act

2016-12-20 6:57 PM | by Nigeria Compliancehub

This an Act to establish the Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency whose functions include Determining the pricing policy of petroleum products; regulating the supply and the distribution of petroleum products; establishing an information and data bank through liaison with all relevant agencies to facilities the making of informed and realistic decisions… Read more

Petroleum Industry Governance Bill

2017-01-05 11:20 AM | by Nigeria Compliancehub

This is a Bill for an Act to Provide for the Governance and Institutional Framework for the Petroleum Industry and for Other Related Matters. When passed into law,  it shall create efficient and effective governing institutions with clear and separate roles for the petroleum industry, and establish… Read more

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