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Rules for the Listing of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

2016-12-21 7:13 PM | by Nigeria Compliancehub

In order to be eligible for listing on The Exchange, an Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) shall comply with the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) Rules, including the NSE Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) Rules, the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) ETF Rules, the Invesments and Securities Act (ISA), the Rules… Read more

Regulations on Valuation of Pension Funds, 2006

2016-12-22 2:31 AM | by Nigeria Compliancehub

This Regulation seeks to standardise the procedures to be adopted in the valuation of Pension Fund Asset portfolios by Pension Fund Administrators (PFAs). This shall include the method and manner in which Pension Fund Administrators (PFAs) calculate the value of net assets under management and the value of… Read more

Regulations for Auditing Pension Funds

2016-12-22 2:35 AM | by Nigeria Compliancehub

The present practice whereby pension funds are audited independently at different periods with the PFAs and PFCs, has led to incomplete and incomprehensive audit reports of the funds. This practice impinges on balanced regulatory judgment and is of concern to the Commission.

The foregoing have made it imperative for the Commission… Read more

Rules on Infrastructure Funds and Others 2014

2016-12-22 3:05 AM | by Nigeria Compliancehub

 The provisions of these rules shall apply to Infrastructure Fund constituted as collective investment schemes. All other provisions of these rules and regulations unless the context otherwise requires shall apply to Infrastructure Schemes, trustees (as the case maybe) and Fund Management Companies.   Provided that all other relevant provisions… Read more

Rules on National Investor Protection Fund

2016-12-22 3:08 AM | by Nigeria Compliancehub

In furtherance of the Commission’s mandate to regulate and develop the Nigerian capital market and in particular, its duty to ensure the protection of investors in the Capital Market, the Board of the Securities and Exchange Commission approved the establishment of a nationwide fund known as the National… Read more

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