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Guidelines on Insurance Premium Collection and Remittance

2016-12-21 12:16 PM | by Nigeria Compliancehub

In order to protect of the policy holder and other stakeholder from the negative consequence of the existing practice, insurance operators are required to comply with the Guidelines on Insurance premium collection and remittance. These Guidelines state the rule and procedure which Insurance operators must comply with when… Read more

Operational Guidelines Sections

2016-12-21 12:40 PM | by Nigeria Compliancehub

The Guidelines set out the business practice that would be followed by Insurance Intermediaries, in order to strengthen the operational standards within the Insurance Industry; improve on the quality of performance of Insurance Intermediaries; and ensure the institutionalization of effective corporate governance structure for the Insurance Intermediaries.
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Guidelines for Approving the Appointment of Managing Director/Chief Executive Officers and Directors of Dealing Member Firms

2016-12-21 5:10 PM | by Nigeria Compliancehub

These Guidelines stipulate Rules and Regulations Governing Dealing Members (Rules) which requires the prior approval of The Exchange with respect to the appointment of Managing Directors/Chief Executive Officers (MD/CEO) and Directors of Dealing Member Firms, the following guidelines set below shall henceforth, aid The Exchange in granting approvals.
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Guidelines for Dealing with Sub-Brokers

2016-12-21 5:24 PM | by Nigeria Compliancehub

By this Guidelines, Dealing Members shall transact business with only Sub-Brokers that are duly registered with the Commission upon receipt of approval from The Exchange pursuant to Article 8 of the Rules and Regulations Governing Dealing Members, and Dealing Members shall ensure that their clients are not acting… Read more

Guidelines for Implementing Article 57(D)

2016-12-21 5:38 PM | by Nigeria Compliancehub

In line with the Circular dated 18th January, 2011 on Article 57(d) of the Rules and Regulations Governing Dealing Members (Rules) which states that:
“Where a Dealing Member is suspended for any reason whatsoever: (d) The Dealing Member shall be under a duty to instruct and appoint another Dealing Member to… Read more

Guidelines on Life insurance Policy for Employees

2016-12-21 7:52 PM | by Nigeria Compliancehub

For the purpose of establishing uniform set of rules, guidelines and standards in relation to the application of the provisions of Section 9 (3). The Guideline states the minimum requirement, the eligibility of Insurance company, policy coverage, document requirement, operational terms, settlement of claims for life insurance  for… Read more

PFA ICT Guidelines

2016-12-22 2:05 AM | by Nigeria Compliancehub

This Guideline covers the transfer of amounts contributed by bona fide members of the NSITF scheme into their RSAs maintained with their Pension Fund Administrators (PFAs). It does not cover transfer of income earned on the amount contributed by employees. The transfer of income will be done after… Read more

Guidelines on Transitional Arrangements

2016-12-22 2:08 AM | by Nigeria Compliancehub

The purpose of the guidelines is to provide general guidance on transitional matters for both the public and private sectors relating to the implementation of the Pension Reform Act 2004. The guidelines are intended to ensure smooth transition to the new Contributory Pension Scheme. 
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Whistle Blowing Guidelines for Pensions

2016-12-22 2:11 AM | by Nigeria Compliancehub

To further entrench the efforts of the Commission in this regards, the Whistle Blowing Guidelines provide lucid guidance for reporting breaches in PFAs, PFCs and CPFAs and benchmark examples on reporting. The Guidelines also restrict reporting to significant matters. Read more